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We partner with the best independent estate agents in the market to find ideal properties for investors and corporate companies.

Interested? We’d be happy to show you how!

" Propertyhero has give us an extra revenue stream which has helped us make up for lost tenant fees "

How it Works

How it works….We only partner with the best, we call them ‘heroes’ – they get paid market rate commission PLUS a hero bonus for helping us find a match

  1. Become a Property Hero by entering your e-mail address.
  2.  Receive live property request from our networks of investors & corporate companies
  3.  Got a Match? Send us property details along with price, location and visuals.
  4.  If one of our clients is interested we will repsond within 24 hours to start the process.
  5.  We work with both parties to speed things along from 1st viewing to signed contract.

- Membership is free
- Average sales cycle decreased
- Pre- vetted & referenced customers
- Increased profitability on deals

What We Offer...

Being part of our network gives you a weekly stream of new sales opportunities (even before you post it) and solutions to properties stuck in your books.

• Quality corporate client connections to offer your clients

• If the market has slowed down and you need to get new offers

• Need to meet your target quickly

• Want a quick turnaround for a new clients

Need to Find a Property?

If you’re looking to source a property fast and want to use our services feel free to give is a bell.

Through our network of Property Heroes we will provide a short list of off-the-market properties that fit your needs and assist you in the process from start to finish.

Stop wasting time working across multiple agents and start sourcing off-the-market properties quickly & efficently.

About Us

We are a committed group of former estate agents, entrepreneurs and professionals brought together by the believe that a good business, is one which works for both sides. There is nothing more motivating than finding a space where smaller independents can challenge the corporates and with a sprinkle of tech, create opportunities and benefit to those who shares our values.

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Costs Effectiveness
Full Assistance
0% Mark up
Viewing Assistance
Legal Assistance
Quarterly Val Reports
No Admin Fees
Full Transparency

Contact Us


0800 772 0109

Tenant reports Issue with times available for access

Property Hero sources the best solution

Contractor scheduled for the specific time requested by tenants

Contractor reports on issues resolved

A full report  on the issue and itemised invoice sent to Landlord

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